How To Make Your Own Ringtones

Setting a ringtone on your Android phone is easy: you simply open Settings, Sound, Ringtones and add one from the list. I use iMazing ( ).(Idon’t own stock or work for the company; I’m just a happy user.) I just checked their website, and they spoke a lot of iOS 11, and using their software to upload your data and apps “to your new iPhone 8 or X,” so apparently it does work with iOS 11 devices.


To be perfectly honest, the whole philosophy behind iTunes as a way to manage an iOS device has always eluded me. I hung on to my pre-iPhone smartphone as long as I could, which had a clear set of rules about what synchronisation did and where it went on my Mac.


Until recently, your average record company executive probably reacted to the sound of a mobile phone blaring out its ringtone with the same weary resignation as the rest of us. Like reality TV or clipboard-clutching charity muggers, they were one of modern life’s petty irritants.


You can custom ringtones and text tones for everyone in your address book; transfer ringtones to computer, upload to Dropbox or email as attachment so you can download the ringtones on any devices; to share tones with friends & family via email is also a lot of fun.


The process of setting a song as a ringtone doesn’t require any great technical skill but it got slightly more difficult with the launch of iTunes 12.7 in September 2017, when Apple quietly removed the ringtone section (as well as iOS apps) from the program.

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