Top 12 Best Futon Mattresses In 2018

Sofa Beds Vs. Futons. From our experience, most customers wound up purchasing a Spring style futon because of some of the following reasons: they liked the overall feeling, felt it sat better (more like a quality sofa), had older guests and family who said they were more comfortable to sleep on, wanted Best Futons Sofa Beds  something that would keep it’s visual aesthetic longer, had a doctor recommend it (it is very very important to point out that we are  not doctors and do not at all pretend to give out medical advice whatsoever and feel that if you ever encounter a futon store that is making health or medical claims about their mattresses you should have all your B.S. flags up and flying; you need to consult a medical doctor not some person at a retail store), etc.

If you have been straining yourself for years looking for the best futon mattresses that makes you feel comfortable, then this should be the right place for you with our best futon mattresses to relax and also to enjoy sleeping with it. Some interesting things about our best futon mattresses are that you can use them more than just for sleeping at home.

The Lucid folding memory foam futon has a 3.5-inch layer of high-density base foam with another layer of half-inch thick gel-infused memory foam on top of it. The result is a very comfortable and therapeutic surface that will not  give you muscle cramps or sores, unlike conventional spring or cheap quality foam mattresses.

This means that every coil in there will specifically and individually react to your body weight and position once you sit or lie down on it. This allows for better pressure relief, e.g., for your hips and  shoulder, and therefore provide more comfort than standard innerspring mattresses.

A simple wall bed consists of the platform with a sturdy metal frame and a real mattress, rather than the standard sofa bed mattress which is designed to be folded up. That thicker mattress means a wall bed is just as comfortable as a traditional platform bed.

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